These words were made out of ice and set out in the landscape and left to melt. The largest project was the word VIEW which stands 6 feet high. The high winds off Lake Ontario sometimes blew individual letters over before they had time to melt.
View Crew
Wooden form installed on dock. Water from the lake is pumped in with a submersible pump powered by an old generator.

◄ View

6 foot ice letters on the shore of Lake Ontario on Toronto Island during an art residency at the Gibraltar Art Center in 2007. View questions how we look at the landscape; how nature becomes a commodity.
Forms filled with water are left to freeze for 2 weeks. High winds on the lake make the project difficult.
View, Uncovered
The ice is revealed once the wooden forms are removed.
View, Moon
The installation looks small when compared to the immensity of the landscape.
View, Storm
The shoreline changed on a daily basis during this month-long project.
The sun appears and the ice slowly melts. The E topples over first.
View, Column Melt
Filling the forms at different times created striations in the ice, which become more apparent as it melts.
View, Camera
Hasselblad camera malfunctioned several times because of the extreme temperatures.
Enjoying the View
Artist on site.