Signs of Change was a solo exhibition of photographs of past ice text projects plus an offsite component of new words made of ice, which were left to melt in the urban landscape on a weekly basis. Each word was pertinent to the site and spoke to our need to subjugate nature and to dominate the environment. At the end of the project I asked people to make a sentence from the words such as: I consume logic and justify denial.
N detail
detail of blue food coloring in the ice

◄ Consume

Ice text in the front of the ever expanding Coal Harbor real-estate boom.
Red ice text in front of abandoned house, one of the few old ones left on the block.
It A Scam
Detail of the back of the house. Letter A in wood in shot to check out scale.
How does a city justify a concrete park on busy thoroughfare? It used to house a statue of Christopher Columbus, which was stolen and mysteriously re-appeared in a better loved location.
Angelic Relic
Graffiti on the concrete pedestal for falling angels.
It once seemed logical to cut down these mighty trees.
Logger Plank Holes
The loggers who cut this tree down had to first make holes in which to insert planks on which to stand to use their felling hand saw.