Ice text installed on Lake Nipissing during the Ice Follies exhibition hosted by the WKP Kennedy Gallery in North Bay, Ontario in 2008. The Resource Project questioned our ownership of natural resources on a local, national and global level.
Cast ice detail of the letter E.

◄ Resource at Sunset

7 foot high letters cast in solid ice.
Calculating Resources
Early sketches for the plywood forms.
Resource Moulds
Wooden forms onsite on the lake are filled with water. A week of minus 10 Celsius is needed to freeze an area this size.
Bucket Fill
When the generator fails and the hose plugs up with ice, it is time to revert to the old fashion way, bucket by bucket.
R Revealed
Wooden forms are removed. Good sunny weather. Took all day to finish.
Solar Resource
Cast ice text throws large shadows on the lake. Who owns the sun, the lake, the snow or the wind?
Local to Global
Small ice text, spelling Local, National and Global accompanies the larger piece questioning how we impose boundaries on nature.
The Letter A
Proin quis risus vel nibh porttito.
Resource, Light Painting
Met a local photographer who suggested light painting late at night on the lake. Very cold. Hard to stay warm during long exposures.
(photo by Ice installation lasted 4 weeks. See sequence of photos here……