Guerilla ice text installations on the streets of Toronto in 2008, based on the book Municipal Mind, by the city's poet laureate, Pier Giorgio Di Cicco. I was inspired by his eloquent writing, about how the vibrancy of a city depends on the creative spirit of the individuals who occupy it.
Negotiated Space
Installed at the edge of Trinity Bellwoods park. Shot at night with cars driving past.

◄ Global Pilgrim

Gates to to Trinity Bellwood park on Queens street W. Some people stopped to chat but many were just too self-involved in their own pilgrimages.
The EGO in Negotiated Space is when citizens don't want to share their space.
Disappearing Coastline of Human Intimacy
Created this piece in response to the outcry regarding an old warehouse full of artists studios being demolished for condos at 48 Abell Street
Part of the ice text lined up with snowed over couches and a TV plus the graffiti "Subliminal" in the background. This is someone's Living-Room.
Golden A
Detail of ice crystals.
Toronto is a global city full of ethic neighborhoods. How long until they all disappear?
Letter excerpt from Ste-war-dship. Public spaces are not governed by the public.
Ice text installed in front of an old mural depicting the neighborhood parks. Evidence of the public being engaged in their parks.
Randomly Evolving- Igor's Shop
I heard many stories about Igor so i created this piece as an expression of the beauty of non-homogenized storefronts.
Artist at Work
Photo by Kevin Steele. Note blue boxes and dolly used to transport my ice letters to the site.
Ethic of Sufficiency
Dufferin Grove Park has a very active community that grows, sells and cooks food for the neighborhood.
The ice letters were installed on top of this wood burning oven, used to make bread and pizzas, as a prime example of the ethic of sufficiency in an urban area.