This series of ice text was created in conjunction with the View project in 2007 on Toronto Island. These frozen words relate to the multiple perspectives of language, how one word can conjure up a plethora of definitions depending on the viewpoint of the reader.
Second Truth
Historical lighthouse where a grisly murder was committed years ago.

◄ The Truth

Landscape view, accentuating the trees.
Third Truth
Looking north, the CN tower looms in the background. The city is not far away.
Land by the water is always desirable.
Big City Desires
Night shot with the city lights glowing in the background.
The landscape is neither silent or peaceful. Note the large whitecaps on the water.
Reason over Passion soon melts away.
All is flux. Ice demonstrates the constance of change in nature.
After 3 days the color in the ice melts away.