This work was created during an Art Residency at the Banff Art Center in Alberta in the winter of 2005. Banff is a ski resort town set in the Rocky Mountains and it is a prime example of the influx of commercial interest incorporated into a wilderness landscape.
Text detail
Detail of indented letters filled with green slush.

◄ In/Flux

Ice block set on a hilltop with a View of the Bow River below. The historic Banff Spring Hotel is situated up river.
Block of ice with text embossed into the ice and filled with snow. The ice was frozen between 2 trees with slush.
Toboggan Art
A toboggan was used to bring the ice blocks to the site.
2 ice blocks, 6' high with garment and text.
Wooden forms filled with water with the dress inside. Ice has just formed on the top.
Detail of the word Cover filled with lime green slush.