Weedrobes Accessories is a series of smaller body adornments made with live plant material. They take their cue from the Fashion Industry's pret-a-porter lines, which are scaled down and more affordable.
Grandiflora Suede
The leaf of the Magnolia Grandiflora often has a rusty brown underneath that is soft and fuzzy like suede.

◄ Lace Leaf Collar

A collar made from Magnolia leaves reminiscent of the Van Dycke collars of the 17th century.
Lace Leaf
The lace pattern in the leaves is made by cutting into them.
Rose Spine
This piece is based on the Plains Indian's breastplate, which was originally worn by warriors as armor. Here it also includes a back piece accentuating the spine.
I created this piece around the fact that the model's favorite flower is the rose.
Peace Armor
This breastplate is open and festooned with Roses; a symbol of true brave heart. Made from Forsythia branches, Rose Hips, Roses and Hemp thread.
Ligularia Ruff
Neck ruff made from Ligularia Dentata leaves, purple Buddleja (Butterfly Bush) flowers and Clematis seed heads surrounded by an aura of Smoke Tree flower stems.
Ruff Detailing
The leaves of Ligularia are deep green and purple. Slugs love them.
Fashionable Young Man
The Millstone ruff is known for it's stiff regular pleats but it was also constructed from soft fine fabrics popular with young, fashionable men around 1615.
Skunk Cabbage Slippers
Soft slippers made from folded Skunk Cabbage leaves. Made after watching a film about a Tibetan Monk with repetitive imagery of his shoes being left at the door.
Thorn Toe
The slippers are constructed with thorns and therefore not suitable for mere mortals.